About Henry Jablonski

Graduating with an engineering degree in systems development from UofT, I spent the next 40 years in a variety of finance related fields such as banking, insurance, financial reporting, accounting and financial planning. I worked closely with a broad range of clients - senior bank executives, department heads, business clients and individuals. Over the years I honed my communication and problem solving skills. Today I help families and businesses achieve financial independence and security.
Originally licensed as a financial advisor and life insurance agent in 2002 in Quebec
Developed corporate wide bank information systems for a major canadian bank
Developed standards for the CPA and CDS
Serious art photographer for many years
Expert in MS Excel - macro and add-in development
Founder: Canada Consultants Network on LinkedIn
I work with many companies to provide a wide range of products and services to help business owners and their employees have a secure future.
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