21st Century epidemic with almost 40 per cent of Canadian lives touched by disease
It is projected that one in three Canadians will be living with diabetes or prediabetes in less than a decade. With so many people impacted by this disease, the World Health Organization has called diabetes the epidemic of the 21st century with approximately 4.6 million deaths around the world last year. (Source: Canadian Diabetes Association and World Health Organization)
Fewer Canadians expect to be retired at 66 (what happened to freedom 55?)
As early as 4 years ago, just over 50% of Canadians expected to be retired - now that has dropped to 27%. At the same time, the number of people working full time at 66 has increased from 16% to about 26%.
Youngers boomers need to ramp up retirement savings
The youngest baby boomers, those who were born in 1964, have now turned 50 years old. If they havenít already done so, many will soon start thinking about retirement.
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